About our foundation

M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation is a Non-Governmental, Secular, Non-Profit, organization registered as a Trust under Indian Trust Act. It was founded in the year 1992 by Dr.C.Ramasubramanian, Consultant Psychiatrist, Madurai.

Our Vision & Mission

Mental Health for All

To promote mental health through holistic care that is affordable and accessible to all







At Chellamuthu Trust, we believe in fostering an environment where respect is the cornerstone of all interactions. We honour the dignity and worth of every individual, creating a space where compassion and understanding thrive.
Our unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy is the driving force behind our initiatives. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and resources, ensuring that individuals facing mental health challenges receive the care and attention they deserve.
Chellamuthu Trust upholds the highest standards of professionalism in all our endeavors. Through a team of qualified experts and ethical practices, we strive to deliver mental health services with integrity, competence, and a focus on positive outcomes.
Infused with a deep passion for mental health, our organization is fueled by the desire to make a meaningful impact. We channel our enthusiasm into innovative approaches, awareness campaigns, and support programs, aiming to inspire positive change in the lives of those affected by mental health issues.

About our founder

Dr.C.Ramasubramanian., M.D., D.P.M., Ph.D.,

About the founder

Dr.C.Ramasubramanian (also known as Dr. CRS) has more than four decades of experience in mental health. Hailing from Madurai District he is the first person to have been awarded with a Ph.D in Community Psychiatry (in 2012), under the Madurai Kamaraj University, which is one of the prestigious universities of Tamil Nadu. Dr.C.R.S originally completed his under graduate (M.B.B.S) and post graduate degrees (M.D in Psychiatry & DPM) from the Madurai Medical College, Tamil Nadu. His primary areas of interest are in the fields of community psychiatry and psycho social rehabilitation.

The lived experience of caring for a brother with mental illness and the resulting stigma and discrimination experienced by his family, and the dire need for mental health services in India, sowed the seeds of his vision of comprehensive mental health rehabilitation services. In his distinguished career.

Dalai Lama Award

His Accolades

  • Dr.C.R.S has been appointed as State Nodal Officer consistently for the past five years on Extension of service to Co-ordinate the Mental Health Programmes of Tamil Nadu. This is a first of its kind in Tamil Nadu when a retired Govt. Official has been provided with extension of services for about five years for his yeoman service towards the welfare of Mentally Different (Disabled) persons
  • Under his able guidance, the District Mental Health Programme is currently being implemented in sixteen districts of Tamil Nadu which is the highest in any State of our country.
  • His District Mental Health Programme – Madurai has been adjudged as the best programme in the entire country.


Timeline and History of Trust

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Aakash special school

Aakaash Special School was created as a safe space for children with mental retardation from villages in and around Madurai


Chellamuthu Gardens Established

Chellamuthu Gardens campus started as a residential rehabilitation campus for persons with mental illness


Chellamuthu Trust Founded

M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation was founded in Madurai by Dr.CRS


State’s Best Non-Governmental Organisation. Awarded by the Govt of Tamilnadu

The first state level award received by Chellamuthu Trust


vocational training and placement unit started

A seperate vocational training and placement unit was extablished acknowleging the crucial role that life skills and reintegration to society plays


Official recognition as a research centre

Chellamuthu Triust received official recognition as a research centre


Community Mental Health Project started

One of our flagship projects on Community Mental Health kicks off


Nation’s Best NGO Award

The first national level award received by Chellamuthu Trust


Nation’s Best Employee Award

Mr.Manoharan was chosen by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.


M.S. Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation

With the rising shortfall in human resources in the field of mental Health, a dedicated educational institute was started in Madurai


Ahana Hospitals founded

Ahana Hospitals, South India’s first NABH accredited Psychiatric Hospital was inaugurated


Telepsychiatry Unit started

A telepsychiatry unit was created to be able to take mental health care to the remote villages in Tamil Nadu


Abdul Kalam Seva Ratna Award

Our Founder, Dr.CRS received the prestigious Dr. Abdul kalam Seva Ratna Award for his ourstanding service in the field of Mental Health


Care Factory started

Care Factory was founded by trustees of Chellamuthu Trust to support the vocational training and reintegration to society of persons recovering from mental illness


Speak 2 Us – Mental Health Helpline inaugurated

Speak 2 Us was created to make available free emotional support for those in distress. The free helpline is run entirely by trained volunteers


Happy Schooling Programme kickoff

Project “Happy Schooling” funded by HCL foundation conducts teacher training, counseling to improve the emotional well being and academic excellence of children in 24 corporation schools in Madurai.


Police Wellbeing Programme launched

Police Wellbeing programme was launched to help police personnel manage stress at their workplace and be able to lead healthier lives


Some testimonials from our customers

“It was a difficult period of my life but Dr.CRS and Chellamuthu Trust were there to handhold me through months of treatment, rehabilitation therapy and counselling,”

“We are grateful for the care that Chellamuthu Trust has shown in providing rehabilitation for my wife. By saving my wife, they have saved our family! Today she has recovered and is also able to earn an income thanks to their vocational training programme” (Translated from Tamil)
“Aakaash School has been such a blessing for us. We are able to send our child to school and able to go to work feeling safe that they are well taken care of. We never have to worry about their care. Even during covid when school was closed, they were constantly in touch to check in with us.” (Translated from Tamil)

Our Leadership Team

Meet our leadership team

Rajkumari Ramasubramanian

Executive Director

Latha Gurubharathy

Director, Administration & Finance

Janardhan Babu

Director, Programmes

Our Team

Meet the team behind the success of
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Rajkumari Ramasubramanian

Managing Trustee





Vinothini Arun Shanker


Dr.Selvi Kumari


Dr.Selva Kumari


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