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Homes for the homeless persons with mental disabilities- End homelessness

Chellamuthu Trust has established 5 residential care centers (across Ramnad, Madurai and Dindigul districts) serving as Homes for about 250 homeless persons with mental illness and mental retardation, supported by Government of Tamil Nadu.

AAKASH- Educate & empower a special child

For the last 25 years, Aakaash special school has been providing quality education to differently abled children from remote villages around Madurai district. Your donation will help us provide free special education, travel, food, nutritional supplements, uniform as well as therapeutic services such as yoga, speech therapy

Impact of your contribution

Here’s how your donations are used

Chellamuthu Trust strives to maximise the positive influence of your donations. Your support is directed towards initiatives that make a meaningful impact, contributing to the Trust’s ongoing efforts in areas such as

  • Education and advocacy,
  • Creating accessible avenues for help in mental health treatment and therapy
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation,
  • Conceptualising and supporting networks of caregivers and family members of persons with mental illness
  • Providing rehabilitation to aid effective recovery from mental illness
  • Facilitating vocational training and job placements for effective reintegration to society